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Why choose MASON Property Management?

  Our knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act

One of the most important factors in managing any rental property is the ability to interpret and apply the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act (2006). Not only do tenants rely on this important piece of legislation, it is equally important that rental property managers understand all of the factors required to manage the property with everyone's best interests in mind.


  Ability to maintain the rental property

Regular maintenance is the key to retaining the value and desirability of any dwelling. Like your own home, a rental property needs constant attention to ensure it maintains its market value. At MASON Property Management, most basic repairs and maintenance are handled in-house at a very competitive rate. Whether you need a spring or fall landscaping cleanup, to fix a dripping tap, or a carpentry repair, your property will be maintained with personalized care and attention.

  Inspecting your property

Regular inspections are an essential component of responsible property management. Identifying and correcting minor defects before they become major expenses will ensure that your property maintains its market value. At MASON Property Management, our best service plans will ensure that your investment is inspected inside and out when you select a service plan with these options.


  Tenant Screening

Each prospective tenant is met personally to ensure they are the right tenant for your property. Not only do we perform the standard credit and reference checks, we go one step further by investigating their rental history with a unique credit bureau organization that maintains a tenant database. All registered tenants of MASON Property Management are entered into this database and checked against other landlord’s files.


  Interested in a "Crime Free" solution?

MASON Property Management offers a "Crime Free" option that - with the tenants consent, allows us to perform a criminal record check. Although this is an added expense to the standard screening process, it gives our clients an added level of confidence in the prospective tenant. With over 27 year’s service in the RCMP, we have the contacts to provide this legitimate and completely legal service.



Perhaps not something many people think about when it comes to managing property, but MASON Property Management has invested in many technological solutions to ensure our business practices are current and relevant to our clients. We use a current software product that assists us in managing every aspect of our business. For example, every rent payment is processed as an invoice for each managed property, creating an electronic record that tracks exactly when each tenants rent is paid. Fully automated service requests are submitted through our web site, and integrated monthly reporting is available to all of our clients detailing their cash flows. Every member of the MASON team carries a Blackberry to ensure we can be reached at a moment’s notice by our owner clients and tenants.



A precious commodity for most people and managing an investment property can use a lot of it. Few property owners have the luxury of renting their property and then not hearing from the tenant until their lease is up. Many renters are young professionals or students, and with that comes the impulse to change. Whether it is a personal or professional change, most renters relocate considerably more often than home owners. That translates to time, work, and expense for the property owner.

Placing an ad on a web site and waiting for the calls sounds easy enough, but most property owners have experienced many long hours showing property to the wrong client base, waiting for potential renters that never show up, and then wondering what they did wrong. If that sounds familiar, chances are you've already tried it on your own and discovered that renting a property may not be as easy as it sounds. When you finally get that lease signed, the phone rings and the person you thought was going to be there for at least a year has taken a job out of town. And it starts all over again.

When you hire MASON Property Management, all of those worries are taken care of. Sit back, enjoy an afternoon on the patio, and let us work your investment for you.


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